Print Leggings Peeping Out From A Thigh High Boot

  The newest trend this winter - stylish print leggings!  Do you dare? Of course you do and they just delightful when handled correctly but bear in mind that one item in the ensemble is enough.  Pair the outrageous new legging with a single color top and a conservative pair of boots.

Leggings are the rage now especially seen in New York.  They are a great way to fight back at winter and add pizzazz and color to your wardrobe. Don't be afraid. You need some excitement in your life right now with the thermometer dropping every day. 

While print leggings are "de rigeur" right now, that's where you'll see some unfortunate case studies in heels walking in the City. The basic rule is "hard/soft".  In other words, take your main statement item and dress it down with an opposite in texture, color and style.  Go as much as you can with peeps rather than chest baring. Example in leggings, wear them with over-the-knee boots, so that only a small portion of the leggings show. And the rest of the outfit, can be a loose fitted top or a casual jacket. No glaring color. Keep that for the leggings. The world of leggings expands to include tights, skinny pants, leg warmers, socks and boots. Many of the designers you are familiar with are exploring this category but there some new designers we haven't heard from before and much of the newest ideas are from Europe.

As the weather improves, I'm going out more for some new print leggings.   I'm getting a lot of attention on mine as it is. As far as where to find the best choices, I would branch out and do as many variations as I could. For instance,  I'm seeing a ton of those skinny legging jeans as well. They really are very sexy!

So try thigh high warmers, lace leggings, skinny jeans and any other attention to those gorgeous gams that you can engender!